Techniques in Icing a Cupcake

Cupcakes are a darling to all. Therefore it is vital to know how to make the best of them for all those special occasions. With the emerging trends, it’s of the essence to stay at par with the dynamic world in the food industry. Cupcakes are by far welcomed in all situations. Whether you choose to go with frostings, bright rainbow sprinkles or mix-ins here are some of the best ways of coming up with a fantastic iced cupcake.


The crazy topping cupcake

Some insane drip cakes are going around, and everybody is talking about them. What most do not realize is that they are a version of our famous cupcakes. They come with the advantage of being fast and straightforward to make. All you need to do is to pipe your frost which is quite easy even if you are not a pro. The next step is to go unreservedly insane with candy. With the addition of a cookie or two, sprinkles and homemade meringue kisses it is safe to say that the only result will be a delicious cupcake. Adding some flavors or mixture of your favorite will assure you of a fun a fantastic cake.


The classic rose cupcake frosting


Among my favorite piping tips is the Ateco 855 which makes entirely lavish ruffles with a minimum effort being applied. This tip makes the most lovely cream roses. All you have to do is start piping from the center towards the edges. You have to take particular note not to lay the layers on top of each other as is the norm. As you pipe it ensure that it resembles the letter O on top of the buttercream. For the endgame, finish with a fondant leaf of a color of your choice.


The instant ruffle cupcake frosting


With this technique, you can also employ the Ateco 855. Add cream to a piping bag fixed with this particular tip and pipe from the external periphery around the cupcake, working your way headed for the middle and up. As much as you can attempt to push the cream out somewhat faster than you are piping around the cupcake which will generate additional textured ruffles. Two or three rounds of cream will do the trick. Too much of it will not only make the frost unbalanced, but it will also unfit for packing.


The surprise-inside cupcake frosting


This is one of my personal best! All you need to do is pipe a cream whirl to produce a hollow cone. The important thing is to begin at the exteriors of the cupcake and pipe in circles, leaving the center of the flurry empty. When you’re through with piping, fill up the hollow void with whatever thing you like — like cotton candy, salted caramel or gooey chocolate sauce! This yummy cream cheese frost technique would savor remarkable stuffed with butterscotch pulp and home-produced honeycomb portions. Sounds awesome, right?




Remember, cupcakes are all about enjoyment, so get innovative when it comes to decorating and try as many flavors as you can. The best US cities to visit includes those with bakeshops that sell yummy treats! Enjoy!